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We’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment, for this reason we have dramatically reduced our carbon footprint and have completely overhauled:

  • The way we purchase goods and services, using only those that share our concern for the environment;
  • Our waste management process, implementing recycling at our offices and party venues;
  • The way in which we educate our staff, offering regular seminars and focus groups to share ideas and convey any new processes implemented;
  • Our stakeholder communication lines; gaining feedback from those that our heavily involved in our business;
  • Our induction process for new employees, with each new starter attending a comprehensive seminar conveying the companies stance towards sustainability and the environment;
  • The way in which we undertake business travel, using car sharing schemes and alternative environmentally friendly modes of transport where feasible.

As a result, Best Parties Ever we are working towards BS8901, the new sector specific British Standard for achieving sustainability in the events industry. Please view the following documents which clearly outline our stance and attitude towards the environment: