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Sea Life London Aquarium is one of London’s most unique venues. Take a walk of faith over shark infested waters, meet our deep sea divers and enjoy a host of amazing sea life as you celebrate Christmas under the sea.

Best Parties Ever are acting as a sales partner for Merlin Christmas events and the events are organised and delivered by the Merlin team of event specialists.


You’ll be welcomed by a Prosecco reception surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful and intriguing marine life, followed by an exclusive interactive greeting from our professional divers inside our biggest shark tank. You’ll then journey through the Ocean Tunnel to continue your evening under the sea with a delicious three course dinner from our outstanding caterers.
Top the night off with a festive disco with our resident DJ playing a mix of Christmas and pop classics.

The Night

7:00pm Guest arrival
7.05pm Prosecco reception
7.30pm Interactive divers in the Shark tank
8.00pm Guests called through to dinner
8.15pm Gourmet three course meal
9.30pm DJ and Dancing
12.30am Last orders
1.00am Carriages


      Business Price* Consumer Price    
      Excluding VAT Including VAT    
Thu 5th Dec
£96.00 £86.40 (£80.00 £72.00 ex VAT)
** Limited Places **
Check Availability
Thu 5th Dec£80.00 £72.00 £96.00 £86.40 ** Limited Places **Check Availability


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If you are a private individual you will pay the prices listed under the "Consumer Price" (including VAT) column.

*If you are a business (VAT registered), you will initially pay the consumer (higher) price but will then re-claim the VAT, therefore it is the price listed under the "Business Price" (excluding VAT) column that your company will end up having paid.


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