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Spotlight on Suppliers: Table Art

  • Tue Oct 6 2015
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  • News

At Christmas, and in fact throughout the year, we work with some absolutely fabulous suppliers, who provide us with a plethora of things which make our parties truly spectacular - from magical entertainment, to thousands of Christmas crackers, to our toasty warm marquees themselves to the oven which cook our delicious meals.

This week....Table Art - Creative Centre Pieces!

This may not seem like an obvious one, but it's the little details which really do make our Christmas parties so spectacular.

Gary and the team at Table Art have a plethora of unique and creative centre pieces which we use across the country at our venues - whether it's Moroccan lamps in Essex, seaweed in Liverpool or hot air balloons in Milton Keynes, our centre pieces help set the theme and ensure our theme runs through the venue and the party.

We love working with the Table Art team, and are constantly amazed by the creativity of their products and the fantastic customer service they provide too.