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Spotlight on Suppliers: Gravity Live
0844 499 4040

Spotlight on Suppliers: Gravity Live

At Christmas, and in fact throughout the year, we work with some absolutely fabulous suppliers, who provide us with a plethora of things which make our parties truly spectacular - from magical entertainment, to thousands of Christmas crackers, to our toasty warm marquees themselves to the oven which cook our delicious meals.

This week.... Gravity Live - Fabulous Entertainment!

We have been working with the truly fabulous Mikey & Kathryn for years now, and they provide our spectacular entertainment for some of our Northern venues. This year their talented cast of singers, dancers, aerialists and world class performers will be appearing at our parties in Liverpool, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Leeds and Nottingham.

Each and every year Gravity Live bring even more magical entertainment to our parties, and we absolutely love working with them - particularly this year as they have been putting their creative genius into some brand news acts for our Dream Circus Christmas Parties in Milton Keynes.

Kathryn & Mikey's team perform in shows, productions and promotions all across the UK and internationally, and are constantly receiving rave reviews of their work.

We can guarantee anyone attending of our parties is in for a truly spectacular show, and from both Gravity Live and Best Parties Ever - we cannot wait to see you there!

Mikey with Cube