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Partying Sustainably!

  • Wed Jul 31 2019
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Throwing nearly 300 parties for 200,000 guests is no mean feat. That’s how many people we entertained at our lavish themed Christmas parties last year. So the challenge for us was: how do we do this bigger, better and more sustainably for 2019?

Society and the media have rightly generated an increasing awareness of the ever-growing impact of climate change. In fact, there’s never been more urgency to switch to more sustainable products and services, as the devastating effects of climate change continues around the world.

Here at Best Parties Ever, we are absolutely committed to minimising our impact on the environment. We recognise that our parties have a much wider impact than just the night itself. From creating local employment and benefiting the local economy, to boosting the morale of corporate Christmas revellers, it’s our aim to deliver parties with the ultimate feelgood factor. We’re always looking for ways to enhance what we do. So we’ve worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint and have completely overhauled the way in which we train our staff and stakeholders, including inductions for new employees, with an additional emphasis on sustainability and caring for the environment.

We’ve listened to guest feedback and we share your concerns about protecting the planet. As well as our corporate strategy, our commitment to sustainability also includes more practical steps, such as banning plastic straws at all of our events, replacing them with biodegradable paper alternatives. We have put in place strict waste management processes, which include recycling at offices and venues, to minimise any waste sent to landfill, as well as reducing single use plastics. We want to reduce our carbon footprint, even while you’ve got your dancing shoes on the dance floor!

We’ve taken decisive action to reduce our carbon footprint throughout our entire supply chain. We’ve reviewed the way we purchase any goods or service, and our suppliers are selected for their green credentials. Christmas comes once a year, but sustainability is a year round commitment. In fact, Best Parties Ever and the wider Eventist Group are working towards achieving BS8901, the sector specific British Standard for sustainability in the events industry.

It’s proven that an office Christmas party has the ultimate feel good factor of improving morale amongst team members. Work nights out are great for team building, reward and recognition. The memories of a legendary Christmas party continue well in to the new year. It’s a great talking point for guests, colleagues and clients, as they reflect on one of the very best parties ever!

As well as a wonderful night out with friends and colleagues, you can rest assured that our parties are as environmentally friendly as can be. After all, our parties are elegant, exciting and exhilarating - but they don’t cost the earth. We’re committed to sustainability, ensuring our events continue to wow and entertain, for generations to come.

From now until September is prime time for booking, and is our busiest period for taking reservations. Don’t miss out! Book your wonderful themed Christmas party package now!