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Why you should opt for a themed event

  • Tue Jan 31 2017
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Whether it’s your much-anticipated Christmas party or a teambuilding day at a unique venue – themed events are a fantastic way to develop office relations and encourage a refreshed and positive mind-set among employees.

At Best Parties Ever, we cater for 175,000 guests at 22 locations across the UK at Christmas and we have found that uniquely themed festivities allow attendees to be more connected with the event rather than just merely drinking and eating.

Our themed experiences invite guests on a journey for the evening. Getting dressed up, tailored entertainment and rich decorations add a whole other layer to the corporate Christmas party. In addition to the usual party amenities, the storytelling element provides attendees with a memorable and inspiring night that will enable them to become more involved with the event, and ultimately enjoy it more.

Themed experiences are becoming an increasingly popular option for corporate festivities. We organise a vast range of large parties across the UK with varying themes such as Midnight in Monte Carlo, Burlesque, Dream Circus and Neo-Victorian Fantasy. Each venue is elaborately decorated in accordance with its theme (the Moonlit in Marrakech party even has its own Moroccan market) and the performers at each event are also tailored to the relevant theme (from Burlesque dancers to circus acts).

There are different levels of being immersed into a themed event. An organiser could focus on specific elements of an event (such as the decorations or the catering) but at Best Parties Ever we prefer to extend the experience to cover all aspects of the night in order to create a bespoke experience. Our team of Eventists pay attention to multiple details at each of their venues such as putting a casino into the Monte Carlo night, recreating a Parisian street scene at the Burlesque party or providing themed goody bags to ensure that the unique guest experience is rounded off nicely.

A themed celebration gives guests a sense of mystery and intrigue. Creating an all-encompassing concept for your corporate party will result in a thrilling and unforgettable experience for everyone attending.