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New - Manage Your Guest List Online!

  • Thu Oct 15 2015
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What do you hate about organising a Christmas Party?

We asked a selection of party organisers: what is the main headache experienced when booking a Christmas Party; and almost without exception the feedback was related to managing guests, their attendance status and their various requirements.

So here at Best Parties Ever we want to help relieve that headache which is why we have been working frantically to implement a rather special Guest List Management area for each booking.


So tell us already!

OK, how would you like a system where you can add all your guests (either manually or upload a spreadsheet) - email them all an invitation to your party in a couple of clicks, they RSVP by logging in and ticking the yes or no box - while they are there they can also specify their dietary & accessibility requirements. And then you, the organiser, can sit back and watch your guests manage themselves - you even get an email when people accept or decline the party invite. Does that sound good? Well that's what we've done!


What does it do?

Good question, in a nutshell it allows you to do the following:

  1. Add all of your guests (as many as you like) either one at a time or all of them at once by uploading a spreadsheet
  2. You can then send an email invite to each of your guests (or you could send an email containing party information and links to the website)
  3. Your guests receive the invite and can RSVP directly to your booking and you will be notified each time someone says they can or cannot come (plus the system keeps track for you)
  4. Your guests can then specify their dietary requirements themselves (from a list of available options)
  5. Once the party balance is all paid up you can send personalised party eTickets to any/all of your guests (or print them off) - each ticket is emailed out separately with the guest's name on
  6. If some of your guests can't come then simple add more people and send out the invites until all your places are full - you can filter your list to just show people coming, not coming, invited, not invited, vegetarian, vegan, etc. etc.

No more spreadsheets, no more losing track of who is vegan, vegetarian, halal etc... Everything in one, easy to manage place that you can access anywhere in the world on any web-connected device.


So how do you use it?

That's the best bit - as soon as you make a provisional booking you can log in at - view your booking info and you'll see a load more tabs at the top with all the info you need. Just click on Guest List to get started.

Log in to your account to get started


A brief overview

If you're still here and haven't already logged into your booking to give it a try then below is just a brief outline of how to use the new Guest List system:

Add a new guest:

Add Guest

Upload multiple guests:

Upload multiple guests

Edit an existing guest:

Edit Guests


Send invites to guests:

To send your guests an invite and allow them to login and update their attendance status and dietary requirements click the Email Guests tab at the top, select "Party Invite" from the email templates dropdown, tick each guest you want to send to and then click the Send Email button at the top. If you want to preview the invite or add some of your own text then click the Edit Email, add your own text in the box provided scroll down (or back up) and click Send Email.

Email Guests


And there's more but really it's worth logging in and checking it out yourself - if you don't already have a booking then what are you waiting for? Christmas Parties don't get better then Best Parties Ever!

Log in to your account to get started