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Best Parties Ever quiz reveals a nation of party animals

  • Tue Jan 31 2017
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Results from our “What Christmas Party Animal Are You?” quiz have revealed a North South divide among the nation’s partygoers.

We launched the festive interactive campaign ahead of a busy Christmas party season in 2016, and guided users through a series of questions looking into their behaviour at the office Christmas party.

The quiz found that Londoners were mostly “Trendy Tigers” and “Dazzling Swans” – sleek and elegant party goers who prefer events to be full of panache. Heading further North, Leeds predominantly consisted of “Strutting Peacocks” and “Pretty Parrots” – the best dressed attendees at the party who love to shake their tail feathers.

The quiz also uncovered that the majority of women were “Eager Beavers” – the perfectionist, workaholic types – whilst the majority of men were “Frivolous Foxes” – charming characters who sneakily consume their fair share of the booze and buffet.

The 2,000 quiz takers proved the UK to be a lively and celebratory nation, with just 2% being “Mindful Moles” – the shy souls of the party who would much rather stay at home with a pizza.

Our Managing director, Tim Stevens commented, “It is great to see that there are so many fun-loving party animals out there, and we love that these vary from north to south. At Best Parties Ever, we aim to cater for all personality types through an array of themes, cuisine, entertainment and decorations. We hope that both Strutting Peacocks and Mindful Moles will enjoy their time at a Best Parties Ever Christmas party”.

Booking your place at one of the Best Parties Ever festivities will entitle you to a night of sumptuous food, lavishly decorated venues, thrilling entertainment and meeting a wide variety of fellow party animals.